About us

Writing Injustice is a blog collated and written by the founders of a new online magazine- LACUNA: A Writing Wrongs Project. The magazine was launched on February 24 2014 is edited by Orwell Prize Winning author A.T. Williams. This sections tells you a bit more about the magazine, our vision and strategy.

LACUNA MAGAZINE “Challenging indifference to the suffering of others: promoting practical strategies for advancing human rights”

LACUNA seeks to fill a gap in the market, by providing rigorous, coherent, original and analytical coverage of issues relating to justice and human rights. It aims to do this in a creative, enticing and innovative format. Withdrawing from the demands of the 24-7 rolling news culture enables this online magazine to promote the best investigative journalism and provide original, detailed, nuanced, credible and reliable coverage of human rights and justice related issues. LACUNA seeks to promote solutions and stimulate action and draw out voices that are seldom heard.

What distinguishes LACUNA from other magazines?

Too often in the mainstream press, human rights stories are picked up, covered for a day and then dropped. There is a lack of continuity and connectivity between these stories and any deeper context from which they emerge (e.g. the Iraq war, spending cuts). Possible solutions to enduring injustices are given little space to be explored. And those who might have something important to say on the issues are often ignored. LACUNA intends to take a more reflective and long term approach to the same issues. It will be a site for rights and wrongs to be considered in greater depth and inform, advise and provide a space for creative thinking on human rights related themes. The voices of those who encounter rights and wrongs (witnesses, sufferers, activists, reporters, artists, practitioners, and academics) will be its contributors.

What will LACUNA do?

LACUNA aims to provide credible, intelligent and compelling content that enables the concerned reader to gain an oversight and more detailed understanding of a particular issue. LACUNA is committed to providing commentary, information and analysis as well as reportage that:

• Uncovers issues of injustice and human rights abuses

• Demonstrates the linkages between particular events and issues

• Translates the best contemporary academic research into an accessible, readable style that enables the reader to develop expertise in a particular issue or topic

• Highlights the best resources for understanding a particular topic: such as books, articles, films, music, art, drama

• Brings to life the wider and deeper issues on a theme

• Provides stimulus, focus and ideas for collective action

• Supports those who want to write or speak about rights and wrongs

• Draw out unheard voices and enable them to speak for themselves

This blog is designed to provide an insight into the setting up of LACUNA, provide readers with practical hints and tips to help develop their skills in political writing, and to encourage people to engage with and contribute to the magazine prior to its launch.

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