Lacuna goes back to the classroom with video journalist John Domokos

John DomokosLacuna’s Head of Visual Content, Abby Kendrick, had an opportunity to learn from the best when she attended a masterclass with renowned Guardian video journalist John Domokos. Kendrick stated: ‘for me, the biggest lesson of the weekend was that the form should always follow the story, and also that stories of injustice are everywhere- all you have to do is be willing to speak to people to uncover them”.

A great example of this is Domokos’ work on Job Centre sanctions, which can be viewed here. Domokos told Kendrick that the feature came about by chance: Domokos had been sent to research a story which fell through when instead of going home, he decided to interview some people he met outside the Jobcentre. Upon hearing of the way in which the sudden and often seemingly arbitrary withdrawal of benefits had affected the lives of the people he was speaking to, Domokos knew he had a story. This however, proved to be the tip of the iceberg as Domokos uncovered the pressure placed on Jobcentre staff to stop client’s benefits. Kendrick will be putting these skills into practice in the first edition of LACUNA, which launches in February 2014. To make sure you don’t miss it, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list. 


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