Police kept money collected from the dead and dying, Hillsborough Independent Panel reports

090415niphillsborough_3--123928584641526300Jonathan Owen, writing yesterday in the Independent, revealed that officers from South Yorkshire Police Force paid cash found at the Hillsborough stadium into the forces’ finance department, rather than donate it to a fund set up for victims of the disaster. These revelations are particularly distressing in view of allegations made by officers at the time of the disaster, who accused Liverpool fans of robbing from the dead at Hillsborough. This revelation is the latest in a series that have emerged as part of the inquiry into Hillsborough, an inquiry which only took place as a result of decades of tireless campaigning on the part of relatives of the victims.

The first issue of LACUNA will focus on Protest, and aims to examine this topic from a variety of perspectives. What motivates people to continue to protest even when doing so comes at great personal cost? What can protest achieve? How do you protest effectively? These are some of the questions which LACUNA hopes to address.


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